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Tim Walde working on an old K-12FD saw

Servicing emergency equipment is at the heart of what we do at Eastern Fire Equipment Service. From Fire Rescue Saws and Carbide Tipped Chains to Firecom® headsets, our service department is committed to providing the highest level of service, so you’ll always be happy you chose us.

We work with fire departments across the country and perform repairs and maintenance at our shop in Lemoyne, PA, just outside of Harrisburg, PA.

Factory Authorized Service Center for Jonsered and Husqvarna.

Fire Rescue Saw Service

As a firefighter, you count on your tools to get the job done right. Keeping your equipment in service means regular maintenance and timely repairs.

At Eastern Fire Equipment Services, we offer professional maintenance and repair service for a variety of saws including:

  • Cutters Edge®
  • Truckmans Choice®
  • Tempest/Ventmaster®

  • Husqvarna
  • Jonsered
  • Redmax

As an authorized service center for Jonsered, Redmax, and Husqvarna, we have the tools and expertise to keep your machines running right for years to come.

Fire Departments send their saws & carbide-tipped chains from all across the United States to our shop in Lemoyne, PA, just outside of Harrisburg, PA.

Firecom Headset Repair

employee fixing headset

You count on your headsets or intercom system for clear communication during an incident. That’s why it’s so important to repair problems with your system as soon as possible.

Our experienced technicians can repair your Firecom headsets to make them look and function like new again. In most cases, headset or intercom repair service is much more cost-effective than replacing individual components or installing a brand new system.

As an authorized dealer for Firecom, we can handle headset and intercom system repair for all Firecom systems. We understand how important communication and hearing protection is to you.

We work with fire departments throughout the east coast and handle repairs and reconditioning services including:

Wired headset / intercom repair and reconditioning

  • Comm Cable Repair
  • Speaker Repair
  • Headband Cable Replacement
  • Repair or Replacement of Headphones with Broken or Bent Boom Mics
  • and more!

Wireless headset / intercom repair service and reconditioning

  • Replacement Batteries

Our technicians can also come directly to your fire station to troubleshoot your Firecom system, depending on your location. Contact us to schedule a service call.

Cutters Edge® Rescue Saw Parts & Service

Eastern Fire Equipment Services will continue to provide repair and maintenance services to Cutters Edge® saws, using OEM replacement parts. 

These OEM replacement parts are built by the same machine shops & factories, guaranteed to fit and keep the following models in working order:

  • 600 Series Fire Rescue Chainsaw (Some parts obsolete)
  • 2000 Series Fire Rescue Chainsaw
  • 2100 Series Fire Rescue Chainsaw
  • 760R H1 Series Rotary Saw
  • 970R H1 Series Rotary Saw
  • 760R H2 Series Rotary Saw
  • 970R H2 Series Rotary Saw
rescue saw torn apart ready to be cleaned and services

Bullet® Chain & Carbide-Tipped Chain Sharpening Service

employee sharpening chains from saws

Carbide-tipped fire department ventilation chains are designed specifically for the job you do. But they are not indestructible. When your chain is dull or six or more of the cutters are missing 50% or more of the carbide, this can cause vibration and chain chatter, which increases the chances of additional carbide breakage. At that point, the chain should be taken out of service.

Fortunately, Carbide-Tipped chains can be repaired and sharpened, avoiding the expense of a new chain.

Eastern Fire Equipment is the name you need to know when you’re looking for professional carbide-tipped chain reconditioning. We can repair & sharpen your Bullet® Chain or other carbide-tipped chains, making them better than new again!

Contact us to arrange to send your carbide-tipped chain to our shop, located in Lemoyne, PA, near Harrisburg, PA.