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Headset Communication Systems

Looking for durable fire/rescue headsets or construction headsets?
Eastern Fire Equipment Services is your source for advanced communication systems designed for fire and rescue, industrial and manufacturing operations, and construction sites.

Fire/Rescue Headsets & Intercoms

Fire and rescue operations demand clear communication to coordinate emergency efforts effectively. That’s why so many fire departments have integrated Firecom fire truck headsets into their emergency response vehicles.

At Eastern Fire Equipment Services, we specialize in Firecom wired and wireless communication headsets for fire and rescue vehicles. These high-performance communication headsets block out distracting noise, allowing crew members to communicate vital information clearly, even in the most difficult conditions.

Whether you’re outfitting a new fleet or retrofitting your existing fire trucks, Eastern Fire Equipment Services can help you choose the right communication system for your department’s needs. Our installation team is made up of active & retired firefighters, so you can be sure that we understand your needs perfectly.

fire chief wearing firecom brand headset

We offer Firecom communication headsets for:

  • Engines
  • Aerials
  • Heavy Rescue / Hazmat Response
  • EMS / Ambulance
  • Wildland
  • Incident Command

Based in Lemoyne, PA, just outside of Harrisburg, PA, we provide professional installation services for new equipment and retrofits. Hands-on demonstrations provided. We’ll come out to your fire station!

Need repairs on your existing Firecom headset communication system? Check out our service department for details!

Industrial/Construction Headset Systems

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Today’s industrial environments and construction sites are noisier than ever, making it increasingly difficult to hear what’s most important. Noisy environments also compromise safety – both from unsafe noise levels that lead to hearing loss and the inability to communicate with your team effectively.

But thanks to Sonetics advanced wireless headset technology, you can block out unnecessary noise and communicate effectively with your team, all completely hands-free, in just about any environment.

Imagine how productive your team could be…

At Eastern Fire Equipment Services, we can help you design the perfect headset communication system that’s ideal for:

  • Ground to Bucket Communication
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Construction Sites
  • and much more!

Choose from team systems designed to accommodate 2 to 15 team members or personal headsets that feature connectivity and integrated hearing protection.

All of Sonetics industrial and construction headset systems feature:

  • Portability
  • Wireless Communication
  • Full-Duplex Communication (Up to 1600 ft. line of sight!)
  • Complete Security with Digitally-Encrypted Transmissions and No Interference
  • Noise Suppression Technology to Protect Your Hearing
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Two-Way Radio Integration
  • Listen-Through Technology for Situational Awareness

Ready to upgrade your communication for increased productivity and greater safety? Get in touch with us!