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Fuel (VP Racing)

pallet of racing fuel just delivered and shrinkwraped

When it comes to fire and rescue operations, every second counts. You rely on your small engine equipment to save lives. You don’t have time to worry whether your rescue saw will start when you need it most.

Regular ethanol-based fuel can wreak havoc on small engine equipment, causing corrosion and damage that prevents your tools from working reliably.

That’s why it’s so important to power your tools with proven small engine fuel that’s ready when you are.

VP Racing’s small engine fuel is specifically engineered to power small engines, eliminating many of the issues that impact reliability in the field. Perfect for fire and rescue tools and even commercial landscaping equipment, VP Racing fuel is unmatched for reliable performance.

VP Racing fuel is the fuel you need to keep small engines working reliably.

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SEF94 – 4-Cycle Fuel
Available in quarts, 1-gallon cans, 5-gallon pails

SEF 50 to 1 – 2-Cycle Fuel
Available in quart cases, 5-gallon pails

VP Racing Fuel Benefits:

  • Cuts maintenance costs by eliminating the damage caused by ethanol fuel.
  • Eliminates hard starts so you can get to work quickly.
  • Eliminates fuel separation that can prevent your equipment from starting up right away.
  • Won’t attract moisture. That means less corrosion and better reliability over time.

Invest in the fuel that powers the equipment that just has to work! Contact us to upgrade your fuel today!