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Rescue Saw Parts & Carbide Chains

Looking for Cutters Edge® Fire-Rescue Saw replacement parts?
We stock a full line of OEM replacement parts for the Cutters Edge® Fire-Rescue Saws, & Husqvarna® Rotary Rescue Saws. We also carry a full line of Carbide-Tipped Ventilation chains and Diamond Rescue Blades.

Parts are in stock and ready to ship.

Give us a call at 800-504-2044 or contact us with a list of parts you need. Manuals and IPLs available upon request.

Need your saw serviced?

As an authorized Husqvarna® & Jonsered® service center, we provide repair and maintenance service for the Cutters Edge® & Husqvarna® Rescue saws.

We can recondition your Carbide-Tipped Ventilation chains as well.


Carbide-Tipped Chains

Bullet Raker

Bullet Raker

The Bullet Raker Carbide -Tipped Chain protects the specially designed carbide cutter with a raker shaped like a bullet. Combined with a narrow gullet, this design increases durability and safety over traditional wide gullet chains.

Great durability on multi layer roof decks and lightweight sheet metals.

Ultra-Low Kickback (Certified Test Results, ISO9518 by SMP)

Economical to repair.

Roof Ventilation: A

Demolition Rating: A

Wood Rating: C-

Dual Raker

Dual Raker

The Dual Raker Carbide -Tipped Chain combines two raker gauges and a solid carbide cutter to improve impact resistance over single raker carbide-tipped chains.

Good chain for cutting wood and other lightweight building materials.

Good durability on multi-layer roof decks and lightweight sheet metals.

Roof Ventilation: B

Demolition Rating: B

Wood Rating: B

Single Raker

Single Raker

The Single Raker Carbide -Tipped Chain is our fastest cutting carbide-tipped chain. 

Good durability on single layer roof decks.

Best chain for cutting wood and other lightweight building materials.

Economical to repair, this chain can be sharpened up to 3 more times than standard carbide chains.

Roof Ventilation: C

Demolition Rating: B

Wood Rating: A

ChainSaw Parts

We carry a complete line of Cutters Edge® OEM replacement parts, including:

  • Bullet Raker Chains
  • Guide Bars
  • Depth Guards
  • Guard Plates
  • West Coast Air Filters
  • Pre Wrap Filters
  • Tune-Up Kits
  • Jonsered Engine Parts & Accessories

Parts available for the following Cutters Edge® Fire rescue chainsaws:







Rotary Saw Parts

We stock a complete line of Husqvarna® & Cutters Edge® OEM rotary rescue saw replacement parts, including:

  • Diamond Blades
  • Air Filters
  • Wheel Guards
  • Tune-Up Kits
  • Husvarna Engine Parts & Accessories

Parts available for the following rotary rescue saws:


CE 970RH1/H2



K970 Rescue

K770 Rescue

Contact us for details!

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