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Custom Skid Units

custom skid unit in shop

We use top-quality components from Hale, Mercedes, CET, Hannay, and many more. We’re firefighters first, so you can count on us for expert knowledge and quality craftsmanship that produces real-world functionality in the field.

Traditional fire fighting equipment doesn’t work well in many environments and situations. Sometimes you need something much more portable, flexible, and maneuverable. That’s where our fire fighting skid units come in.

At Eastern Fire Equipment Services, we can outfit your 4×4 truck or ATV with essential equipment you need for fire fighting, rescue operations, and medical emergencies. We specialize in custom fire skid units that contain the exact equipment you need and nothing you don’t.

Our in-house team can handle your entire project from start to finish, including wiring, plumbing, tanks, hose reels, and much more.

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Wildland Firefighting

Fighting wildfires presents many challenges. But having the right gear can make all the difference. Our brush truck skid units turn your 4×4 or ATV into your smallest, power-packed fire engine providing loads of flexibility to get to the heart of tough brush fires.

Need to draft water from streams? No problem. Our portable pumps get the job done with ease.

Want to carry onboard water or firefighting foam?
We offer custom tank sizes constructed from poly plastic for lightweight durability. Every tank comes with a lifetime warranty.

utility 4x4 with custom skid on back for hard to reach areas

Medical Units

Rescue operations on mountain terrain call for specialized tools. That’s why we build custom skid units specifically designed to handle the demands of rescue operations in remote areas or on challenging terrain. We can turn your 4×4 truck or ATV into a mini-ambulance for a variety of rescue operations or medical emergencies.

Designed to be low-profile and lightweight, our custom skid units can be outfitted with a variety of essential gear, including:

  • EMS Longboard
  • Stretcher Stokes Baskets
  • and much more!

We can even incorporate seating for an attendant to assist patients in transit.

Special Event Units

Want to showcase your fire department at the local county fair or community parade? We can outfit your 4×4 pickup or ATV with an array of equipment to demonstrate your capabilities and invite support and donations.

We’ll work with you to provide the exact features you need, designed and assembled by our expert in-house staff.

Every unit we build is customized to the unique needs of your operation. Contact us to get started on your custom skid unit!